The Universe is always supporting us

The Universe is always supporting us

The Universe is always supporting us

One of my desires in doing the Energy Healing work is to bring the spiritual teachings into the physical reality… you might say that is my intention.

To do this I like to use my personal experiences as teaching stories.
It also lets people know that as I have chosen to live on this planet in a physical body I too need to experience all the challenges that life here creates for us.

As tough as they may be what helps me continue is I know in my heart the
Universe is always supporting me.

However, there are times that that statement seams a distant reality.

Let me share a story.

A while ago I woke up with a familiar voice in my head called anxiety. For many years in my younger life this was the norm for me as I was still living my life in my head space not my heart space.
When we give the power to the mind it loves energies like anxiety.
I knew I didn’t want to start my day in anxiety as it would continue all day so I sat with it not judging it. When I was ready I embraced the energy of anxiety and made the statement I love this feeling and proceeded to dissolve it into my heart space. This is a powerful way of removing the energy without judgement or fear. It worked and I got up to start my day in a positive space. I have done this many times before and I love that it works.

However, the Universe had a learning surprise for me that day. Don’t you just love it when it does that… Within a space of a few hours the anxiety returned along with its mates fear and doubt. They all joined forces creating a powerful alliance and my positive attitude was flushed away for what appeared to be forever. I bought in all my years of learning and growing to work through this but still my mind continued its attack. It was relentless!!!

At this point I was convinced I was failing as I couldn’t shift the negative energy.
That’s when I flopped onto the couch in the lounge absolutely exhausted.
The words that came out of my mouth surprised me.
I said OK mind, I surrender.
I give you the whole day to do what ever you want. GO FOR IT!…

I sat there waiting for the barrage of negative chatter to start flowing through my mind and body. But that’s not what happened. In fact, the exact opposite happened. There was complete silence. Total silence!
This strange silence was almost deafening.
I started to laugh as I realised I had been feeding my negative mind by trying to change it as I was judging my judgmental mind thereby empowering it.
The mind does not want to have a light shone on it. I likes to sit in the shadows and attack from behind. By shinning the light on our judgmental minds without judgment helps dissolve away the fears doubts anger anxiety and return us the present moment where everything is perfect.

As difficult as it was to go through that experience the Universe was supporting me as I was able to learn and grow. This is what I believe we are here to do.

Keep smiling and keep looking for the joy within, for that is where true happiness is found.

Much love

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