Ego and the journey within

Ego and the journey within

Ego and the journey within

Ego is such an interesting topic.
Ego comes in many forms and is always unique to the person experiencing it.

I had a funny experience in regards to my own ego journey that might shine some light onto it.
Many decades ago I was experiencing my awakening into the spiritual world. I was born with my healing gifts but as for a lot of kids of that time I had it knocked out of me at a young age.
My journey through life was difficult as I tried to be in this world but in truth not fully in my body.

When the time was right for me to awaken again I found I had a knowledge within me I couldn’t explain and was not sure what to do with it.
Eventually a friend and I booked into what was to be my first spiritual weekend workshop.
I arrived so excited as I felt I needed to have some guidance or teaching so I could understand my newly awakened spirituality.

What unfolded over the weekend was quite interesting. Our teacher did not understand my way of healing. Her Ego jumped in and she made me feel like a bad person as I was different to her.
I gave away spiritual work for a period of time but was guided into having another weekend workshop with a different teacher. I had a similar experience with this teacher only not quite as dramatic.
It was here that I realised there is no room for ego when working with spirit. My teachers had done a wonderful job of showing me this. It also taught me that there is no one way in anything. We are all spirit having a human experience so our experience must be unique to us.

So I decided to try my best to do my healing work with no ego attached. In fact it became my mission in life.

Now the story changes. I was recently in China and while I was there I met another healer who made a statement that I was the first healer she had met that had no ego. I did my best not to go yes great at that moment.
When I arrived back in Australia a few weeks later I shared this story with a friend only to be told.
Dean you do realise it’s your ego telling you, you have no ego.!!!

The moment of truth. I laughed and laughed as my brilliant ego was showing me we are human and we all have an ego and that’s ok. I believe our journey is to acknowledge our ego and work towards not letting it control us.
Look within yourself to find your own gifts and honour them. For this will help you be in a space of inner peace.

Hope this helps in some way.

Much love

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