A man with a very big heart and a very special gift, Dean is an extraordinary man who will make an extraordinary difference to your life. After a not so nice physical confrontation with a man, I reached out to Dean, my go to person and over the phone he did a healing session with me.

Dean was phenomenal in helping me. He enabled me to move through the hurt and pain much quicker and helped me to reconnect to myself and my heart.

When you have a session with Dean, it’s like you’ve just had a holiday, done a 3 hour meditation and seen a psychologist for 6 or so sessions all in a row.

I have no idea what Dean does or how he does it, I just know that I would not be as I am right now if it wasn’t for Dean’s healing sessions and support. Dean helps to calm and recenter me and makes me feel more peaceful and connected to life.

I am forever grateful to Dean for all he has given me and all he has done for me.

Thank you x

– Melinda Walker, Melbourne, Australia

Imagine what it’s like sitting on the back deck of our new home in Brunswick Heads. We’re up on the second floor, feeling like we’re living in a tree house and amazed by the constant sight and sounds of the local birdlife. We noticed that the garden next door always had birds landing in there feeding on the wild bird food that was left out for them and their garden looked like a bird sanctuary while our garden seemed to miss out.

I suggested to Dean that we could do with one of his land clearings and felt privileged when he offered to talk me through the folowing process as he cleared away the old energies from the land and introduced our newly arrived energies. Within minutes of Dean completing the land clearing, a small family of three magpies landed in our tree about two metres from us and there’s been a continuous stream of birds coming surprisingly close to us ever since. Every day we seem to have more visits from birds, butterflies and even little lizards. Our new home has suddenly transformed into the animal sanctuary that we always dreamed of.

– Karen, Brunswick Heads, NSW

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Dean and to his work through my oldest daughter. She had and continues to work with Dean for the same reasons as I do. Dean has great wisdom, compassion and integrity. These qualities shine through his energetic healing work, which is so subtly powerful. Through Dean’s guidance my daughter and I have achieved greater clarity on who we are and have been able to clear away blocks so that we can move into our greater reality and life’s purpose. We are very blessed that our paths have crossed and sincerely hope that others take the opportunity to work and blossom with Dean’s guidance.

– Maggie, Melbourne, Australia

Dean is an incredible person.

Before I met Dean I was a skeptic, I was at a period in my life where I was lost, had been through   a lot of stress, anxiety, depression due to health issues and burn out.

A friend suggested seeing a healer and Dean just felt right.
That was 2 years ago now.
The last 2 years has been a journey, of learning a lot about myself and fully stepping into my power to be the greatest person I can be.

I’ve always done a lot of personal development and mindset work, but i have felt the real work happens when we get to understand our self and our own amazing gifts.
Thanks to Dean I now love myself, understand and accept myself and I have become the best person I can imagine. Letting go and receiving is really the best thing anyone can do. If you are reading this that is a good thing because seeing Dean will impact your life like you can only imagine.

Thank you Dean!

– Connor, Melbourne, Australia

Thanks so much for the healing on Tuesday, after the healing I slept right through till the  morning. I worked yesterday and was a little emotional but feeling a lot calmer and peaceful now.

Distance healing is different from in person. I didn’t feel any sensation or heat that I normally feel but have definitely felt a shift in the energy of myself and my home. For some time now I have been running on high energy and finding it difficult to sleep and not feeling that tired.

I have so much gratitude for all the healing you have done on me, the biggest thanks ever, and I tell people all the time how lucky I am to be at peace with my health and how you have helped me immensely to shift and clear energies that no longer serve me and create a beautiful space within me where I can genuinely feel at peace. I feel so blessed because at one stage in my life I thought I’d never reach that peace. You truly are a humble and powerful man. Thank you.

– C.

I saw Dean for my first healing, I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Upon meeting him I was instantly put at ease through his powerfully kind manner.

Dean created a calm, peaceful, and relaxed space where I felt completely comfortable. The healing improved my mental clarity and expanded my development of awareness, he helped me to become more accepting of myself, and of others, which was highly empowering and enabled me to move forward. Thank you Dean!

– Jamie

Dean, thank you so much for the beautiful healing on Saturday! I almost, can’t believe how much better I am feeling! Twice I’ve been taken down by this kidney of mine for weeks at a time and ended up on strong antibiotics.

I’m very grateful to have been blessed by your amazing gifts and to have the ability to heal without force this time, and hopefully with more permanence. Thank you so much!

– Lauren

Dean’s healing is authentic and powerful and an inspiring expression of his path and connection to his true self.

His gift was to create a safe space that was greater than the issue I was dealing with and to fill it with light and the courage to see and accept. Thank you

– Ian Bell, Luxury Hotel Manager, Amankora, Bhutan

I have been receiving all kinds of healing for years, and I can honestly say that Dean stands out from the rest. His healing was powerful & deep, yet gentle.

It was awesome to meet my spirit guide and start a dialogue with her.

– A.Forbes Smith, Byron Bay

I have experienced many healing sessions with Dean over the last seven years and in each case they have been very profound on my energy field, resulting in improved physical function and expanded awareness.

Dean’s calm approach and clear insight through his connection with the spirit realm is a truly an amazing gift.

– D.Rapley, Sanctuary Healing Retreat, NZ