Work with Dean

My aim when working with you is to support your return to the healthy, harmonious life that has always been your right to experience and enjoy.

There are four key areas that I focus on: Your personal healing, the healing of your home and land where you reside, the healing of any animals and pets that you have as part of your family and the clearing and healing of businesses.

Personal Healing

All areas of imbalance whether they are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual can be understood and helped by working within your energy field.

When we first meet, whether in person or remotely over Skype or phone, I tune in to you so that I can see, feel and read your energy and connect with your unique spirit.

A further connection is then made with your spirit guides who give me direction on what your soul requires to heal.  This may include re-balancing of your energy, removing old energy blockages, dissolving of dark entities, removal of attached spirits, deep energy healing.

In your personal session I take great care to create an atmosphere of deep relaxation and safety for you, allowing you to open up to the deepest levels that you are capable of at the time.

All healings are unique and don’t  follow a ridged routine, giving space for the healing process to unfold naturally.

Normally there is no physical touch required and you remain comfortably dressed during the session.


Land, Space and House Clearing

More and more while doing Energy Healings on clients, I’m feeling the influence of their home and land on their personal health and happiness. Clearing their land energetically then becomes a priority in their own healing journey plus the others residing in the same home. The results can be tangible.

The energies I find may be from a previous tenant / owner, indigenous, ancestral or even galactic. They are not necessarily ‘bad energies’ although some can be. The effects can be felt physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Often they are causing real issues to the people living there in a variety of ways from insomnia to relationship issues, to just not feeling good in life. The effects reach not just the adults but can influence anyone including children, teenagers and pets.

I work on the energies located on your property either in person depending on location, or remotely anywhere around the world with the positive effects being felt by you and your family in all areas of your life.


Animal Healings

The animals in our care often need healing as much as the humans. They are very sensitive to not just their home environment but to their owners issues and concerns. They are often the source of unwavering love and companionship to us and many of us wish we could understand what it is that they need. It can be in the pleading of their eyes, unruly behaviour or illness that they are trying to communicate a need for healing.

I have the gift of communication with animals and offer them much needed solace and understanding of their needs which is passed on to their owner so that they can regain their health and happiness.

Business/ Commercial Clearing and Healing.

Outside of your home environment, the next most important area is your place of business.

If the energy there is blocked or inhibited in any way, it will effect your personal energy, happiness and profits.

Businesses that have had energy clearings have gained by higher patronage, happier staff with less days off and of course a better bottom line.


Children, Families and Groups:

I also work with children of all ages, family units and groups of 3 or more.


Sessions Available:

  • In Brunswick Heads, NSW, Australia
  • On location at your house, on the beach, in a park; where ever you feel most comfortable.

I travel within 20 km of Brunswick Heads, and if further, a small fee for travel costs will be added. (.76 cents per km, mileage rates as per

  • Williamstown, Victoria, Australia
  • Auckland, NZ

Please see my Travel Dates page.


Distance Healing

If you would like any of the above healings but not located conveniently, I perform many healings remotely through the use of phone or Skype.